Our Vision


Our dream is to be a church that:


Gives Honour to God

Of course we want our church to be a place that people love being a part of, but first and foremost we want to be a people that honours God in the praise we offer and the life we live.  

Multiplies Love

The Apostle Paul says that it doesn't matter how great He is, or we are, if we don't have love. He goes on to say if we don't have love, we are nothing (1 Corinthians 13:2).  We want to multiply love for God, for one another, for those in need and for all people.

Will Challenge You

We want you to be all that you can be, and it is our aim to help you be just that.  We don't mean in a "rich and famous" sense, but we want your life to be whole and purposeful. We want to join God in the task of giving you "fulness of life" just as He has promised. (John 10:10)