The Vineyard Story

At present there are over 2500 Vineyard churches in more than 54 countries. God, however, has shown us not to seek to build the Vineyard, but instead to seek His Kingdom and to build His Church, to bless what He's blessing, to love what He loves, and to give ourselves away freely. Prior to 1995 there had been a number of very successful Vineyard conferences run in Australia. However it was not until 1995 that the first Vineyard churches were commenced in this country. These were in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. On the 13th March, 2003 the Vineyard churches of Australia were realeased and recognised as their own national movement and so the Association of Vineyard Churches, Australia was born. 

There are approximately 20 Vineyard churches in Australia of a variety of shapes and sizes.  What binds us together as a family, as well as our love of God, is a common set of values we share. These include:

  • Worship
    We want to worship God in intimacy and in lifestyle

  • Compassion
    We are determined to care for those in need in real and practical ways

  • Community
    A church is a family, and we want to do that well by valuing all people

  • Mission
    Sharing with others the good news and the fulness of life God has given to us

Geelong Vineyard Church

We commenced late in 2014 when 10 adults from Melbourne, Geelong and Ballina (NSW) joined together, bringing their 7 kids, and began meeting together in readiness to launch the new church. In November of that year GVC launched publicly, meeting in a hall in Geelong West. In February 2019 we moved our Sunday service to the Community Hall at 57 Pakington St., Geelong West.

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